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The genius of nature

Where pure glacier water pours from the top of pristine peaks, flowing around steep rocks to nourish the most precious, beneficial plants of the Alpine ecosystem, La Vallée grows its science.

In the heart of the Swiss Alps, in the midst of abundant, powerful, generous nature, La Vallée draws vital regenerative power directly from mineral and plant resources.

Since “nature does nothing in vain,” as the philosopher Aristotle wrote in 300 B.C., La Vallée finds inspiration in the genius of nature, observing it and enhancing it.

Ptilocephala pyrenaella, a small, rare butterfly of the Alpine valleys with exceptional survival powers, fascinated biologists for a long time before they finally solved the mystery of its longevity. The secret of this butterfly’s eternal youth is hidden in the nectar of the Buddleja Davidii, the butterfly tree, which is its food source. Nectapure Protective Complex, which contains extracts of Buddleja Davidii and Thymus Vulgaris, was designed in response to this revelation. La Vallée products find unique benefits in the synergy of the perfect combination of plant extracts, essential oils and vegetal complexes, drawing on the most innovative research in dermo-cosmetics.

A Swiss biotechnology expert in quest for excellence, La Vallée is building its philosophy for beauty without compromise.

La Vallée’s Key ingredients

The Swiss Alps are filled with botanical treasures. These highly effective extracts are a source of insipiration for our chemists to create unique skin care products.

Nectapure protective complex

Nectapure Protective Complex is the result of the combination of two plants with complementary properties. Buddleja Davidii is a shrub native to China that is also known as the Butterfly Tree. Its nectar stimulates cellular regeneration. Thymus Vulgaris has long been used in pharmacopoeia for its many medicinal properties and is also recognized by dermatologists as a natural activator for the skin’s cellular renewal. Nectapure Protective Complex is a highly protective formula with strengthened antioxidant and anti-pollution properties. It protects the skin against external and internal aggressions that are responsible for premature aging of the skin: UV rays, pollution and the effects of ozone, tobacco smoke and oxidative stress. La Vallée products based on Nectapure Protective Complex combined with active ingredients that are specific to each line delay the appearance of wrinkles, the loss of elasticity and offers unique radiance to the skin.

Swiss glacier water

Water from glaciers in the Alps and Henniez spring water are rich in essential minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, calcium and zinc. They increase peripheral micro-circulation and stimulate cellular renewal in the epidermis. Spring water and minerals moisturise skin, maintaining its suppleness and vitality. La Vallée products based on glacier water contribute to maintaining healthy, young, radiant skin.

Essential oils

Essential oils of orange, lemon and lavender have long proven their effectiveness as natural ingredients for soothing and purifying skin. With excellent anti-wrinkle properties, orange essential oil invigorates the skin. Lemon is recognized for its revitalising and energizing action, while lavender promotes relaxation. La Vallée products are enriched with these three potent essential oils to soothe and purify the skin and restore its radiance, while also creating a feeling of well-being.

Caviar extract

Nutrisea is a water-soluble extract of caviar. A highly-valued gourmet food, this black gold is also a precious ingredient in dermo-cosmetics. Its ultra-rich mineral composition, amino acids, proteins, essential fatty acids and vitamins make it an elixir of beauty and youth with exceptional restorative and regenerative powers. In particular, caviar’s high levels of vitamin A have very effective antioxidant properties against damage and irritation linked to sun exposure, which strengthen the skin’s own protective abilities. La Vallée products based on Nutrisea fight effectively and naturally against skin aging. Skin is moisturised, smooth and supple, and recovers its natural balance with lasting effects.

Botanical stem cells complex

Cellintegrity is an extract from cultures of raspberry stem cells. This little red fruit is naturally concentrated in antioxidant properties that soothe skin and protect DNA. Cellintegrity is obtained using an extraction process that preserves the properties of the components of raspberry cells. Cellintegrity acts preventively against oxidative damage and skin aging linked to inflamm-ageing. La Vallée products based on Cellintegrity act to defend the DNA against damage caused by oxidative stress, contribute to skin's cellular longevity and offer improved moisturisation.

Bioactive peptide stem cells complex

BioNymph Peptide Complex comes from plant stem cells and natural-origin bioactive peptides. Bioactive peptides are used in dermo-cosmetics for their effectiveness in stimulating collagen production. In this way, the plant-based active ingredient BioNymph has the overall effect of slowing down premature skin aging. While protecting skin from the damage caused by free radicals, it stimulates and increases cellular activity. La Vallée products based on BioNymph Peptide Complex act on the sensitive areas of the epidermis, producing more elasticity and firmness. This restructuring power brings heightened energy to the skin, restores its radiance and effectively protects it against everyday aggressions.

Lightening vegetal complex

La Vallée has developed a unique lightening vegetal complex containing extracts of bearberries and blackberries and vitamin C. Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, a shrub also known as bearberry, produces little red berries with exceptional depigmentation properties. Wild blackberries are known to block tyrosinase, an essential enzyme for melanin production, and they are valued for their powerful antioxidant action. Vitamin C regulates melanin, preserves DNA and fights cellular inflammation. La Vallée has combined these three remarkable natural ingredients in a distinctive lightening complex with exceptional benefits. It corrects imperfections connected to sun exposure, evens out the skin tone, and promotes healthy skin with restored natural radiance.

UVA / UVB SUN Protect complex

UVA is everywhere and penetrates deep into the skin, penetrating cloud cover and windows while maintaining the same strength during daylight hours, and throughout the year. Whether you are in your car, or inside under artificial light, your skin is being exposed to UVA rays leading to wrinkling, loss of tone and sun spots. Most sun protection products focus on UVB, responsible for burning and skin cancer even though there are 500 times more UVA rays that play a role in skin ageing and damage. La Vallée’s Suncare Collection contains both UVA and UVB for optimal protecting of your skin.

Botanic Stem Cell SUN Protect Complex

Taking extra care of the delicate skin of the décolleté, shoulders, and arms must be taken into consideration when using a UVA UVB body protection. Sun Protection Body SPF50 protects and renews the skin using a high concentration of plant stem cells designed to penetrate deeply protecting the life of skin cells. Its light soothing texture glides easily keeping the skin plump and youthful.

Marine Stem Cell SUN Protect Complex

Your face is exposure throughout the year to UVA and UVB rays that deplete the skin of essential minerals resulting in a dull fatigued skin that lacks freshness. The largest source of natural minerals, elements, and nutrients is found in marine plants and they can restore your skin back to its youthful vitality. Sun Protect Face SPF50 is a weightless fluid that contains a unique complex using concentrated marine Sea Fennel stem cells and Sea Mayweed extracts for deep penetration and instant skin revitalisation.

Prince Albert II de Monaco Foundation

La Vallée Switzerland supports the actions of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. To provide its active support and as part of its "Take care of yourself & Your skin" campaign, La Vallée donates CHF 5 per product sold from the New Suncare Collection.

NGO International "Heart For India Foundation"

La Vallée Switzerland supports the actions of the NGO International "Heart For India Foundation". To provide its active support and as part of its "Take care of yourself & Your skin" campaign, La Vallée donates CHF 5 per product sold from the New Suncare Collection.