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Strive for Perfection

La Vallée Switzerland partners with RREC to celebrate 110 years of the Flying Lady.

Inspired by Swiss Nature & Technology

La Vallée is a global leader in embracing personal excellence with the intention of acquiring confidence in ones timeless beauty.


24h Detox Elixir

Formulated with a powerful combination of antioxidants, this elixir fights damage caused by free radicals. It nourishes and soothes skin while delaying the appearance of wrinkles due to dehydration and protects it against environmental pollutants. Skin recovers its freshness and youth.



Powered by a combination of high performing UVA/UVB filters and a selection of active botanical ingredients that help to protect the skin effectively from the sun's UV rays.


Discover all La Vallee’s lines

Seven product lines specially designed to meet every particular need of today's active and ambitious woman. Find your ideal beauty routine from over 30 exceptional products.

Suncare Collection Line

Suncare Collection

The Suncare Collection offered by La Vallée is powered by a combination of high performing UVA/UVB filters and a selection of active botanical ingredients that help to protect the skin effectively from the sun's UV rays. The line soothers and hydrates the skin to optimise the quality and youthfulness of the skin while extending the tan and preventing new pigmentation-spot formation caused by extensive non-protected sun-exposition.

Cleansing Line

An essential ritual, cleansing the face eliminates impurities. It leaves the skin clean and fresh. La Vallée’s cleansing line offers five treatments for ideal and complete care upon awakening in the morning and before going to bed at night, for healthy skin every day.

Moisturizing Line

Nourishing your skin every day is both a comforting and protective act. La Vallée’s moisturising treatment line strengthens the hydrolipidic film, the protective barrier of the epidermis and limits its water loss. Lastingly moisturised, the skin remains supple and soft. It maintains its radiance while being protected against the aging process.

Lightening Line

Lighter skin leads to a more luminous complexion. La Vallée’s line of lightening treatments is made up of six products that reduce dark spots and other skin imperfections. Based on blackberries and bearberries, this complex acts on melanin synthesis, reducing its production and promoting the lightening of the skin. The complexion appears more even and radiant.

Special Treatment Line

Everyone's skin has its own special needs. La Vallée’s special treatment line offers eight targeted treatments that are designed for sensitive skin that reacts to external and internal factors such as stress, pollution, UV rays or seasonal changes. The skin recovers its natural balance.

Anti-Aging Line

Protecting your skin from the effects of ozone and pollution delays premature aging of the skin. La Vallée’s anti-aging treatment line offers five treatments that act deeply in synergy to respond to skin's specific needs. This combination of extracts of exceptional plants and unique active ingredients stimulates cellular regeneration of the upper layers of the epidermis, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The skin maintains its firmness and suppleness.

Caviar Essence Line

Luxury and effectiveness come together for enhanced skin. La Vallée’s Caviar Essence treatment line brings together anti-aging treatments with the exceptional regenerative properties of caviar extract. Rich in natural proteins, minerals, essential amino acids and vitamin A, this ingredient promotes cellular metabolism. Skin is visibly plumped, smoother and firmer.

STX Cells Line

Act early for healthy skin in the long term. La Vallée’s STX Cells treatment line offers four products that act deeply on the process of skin aging. The action of the products is based on the synergy of two ingredients from plant stem cells: Cellintegrity and BioNymph peptide complex, in combination with flax flower extract. Skin is regenerated and reconstructed, recovering its radiance and youth.