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Sun exposure

Sun Protect Face SPF 5050ml

This high protection sunscreen for the face protects the skin effectively from the sun’s UV rays through a combination of high performing UVA/UVB filters and a selection of active botanical extracts.

The texture is fluid, non-greasy and is quickly absorbed by the skin, ensuring a pleasant application and optimized sun protection.

Ingredients: Sea Mayweed extracts, Sea Fennel Stem Cells

Application Advice

The Ritual

Apply Sun Protect SPF 50 generously to the face and neck before exposure to the sun. Must be reapplied every two hours.

Sun Protect Face SPF 50

Botanical stem cells complex

Cellintegrity is an extract from cultures of raspberry stem cells. This little red fruit is naturally concentrated in antioxidant properties that soothe skin and protect DNA. Cellintegrity is obtained using an extraction process that preserves the properties of the components of raspberry cells. Cellintegrity acts preventively against oxidative damage and skin aging linked to inflamm-ageing. La Vallée products based on Cellintegrity act to defend the DNA against damage caused by oxidative stress, contribute to skin's cellular longevity and offer improved moisturisation.