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All skin type 25-50 years old

Anti-aging, revitalising and nourishing


Stressed skin

Preventive Night Mask50ml

This mask helps to nourish and regenerate skin overnight. By stimulating natural functions, it helps to delay premature skin ageing and improves moisturisation of skin’s upper layers. Wrinkles and fine lines are visibly smoothed for a radiant complexion.

Ingredients: Nectapure, Goji Berry, Moringa.

Application Advices

The Ritual

Apply to perfectly cleansed and toned face and neck. Leave on for 20 minutes or overnight and remove with a soft sponge soaked in water and follow with Gentle Tonifying Lotion. Then apply your La Vallée day or night cream.

Preventive Night Mask

Nectapure protective complex

Nectapure Protective Complex is the result of the combination of two plants with complementary properties. Buddleja Davidii is a shrub native to China that is also known as the Butterfly Tree. Its nectar stimulates cellular regeneration. Thymus Vulgaris has long been used in pharmacopoeia for its many medicinal properties and is also recognized by dermatologists as a natural activator for the skin’s cellular renewal. Nectapure Protective Complex is a highly protective formula with strengthened antioxidant and anti-pollution properties. It protects the skin against external and internal aggressions that are responsible for premature ageing of the skin: UV rays, pollution and the effects of ozone, tobacco smoke and oxidative stress. La Vallée products based on Nectapure Protective Complex combined with active ingredients that are specific to each line delay the appearance of wrinkles, the loss of elasticity and offers unique radiance to the skin.