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All skin types

Morning and evening

Caviar Essence Elixir30ml

Caviar Essence Elixir is a higly concentrated anti-aging moisturizer. Enriched with caviar extract and a powerful snow extremophile algae from the Swiss mountains, it helps restore hydration and firmness. Skin appears smooth and rejuvenated.


Application Advice

The Ritual

Apply in the morning and/or evening to perfectly cleansed and toned face and neck. Massage gently until fully absorbed. Follow with Caviar Essence Day or Night Cream.

Caviar Essence Elixir

Caviar extract

Nutrisea is a water-soluble extract of caviar. A highly-valued gourmet food, this black gold is also a precious ingredient in dermo-cosmetics. Its ultra-rich mineral composition, amino acids, proteins, essential fatty acids and vitamins make it an elixir of beauty and youth with exceptional restorative and regenerative powers. In particular, caviar’s high levels of vitamin A have very effective antioxidant properties against damage and irritation linked to sun exposure, which strengthen the skin’s own protective abilities. La Vallée products based on Nutrisea fight effectively and naturally against skin aging. Skin is moisturised, smooth and supple, and recovers its natural balance with lasting effects.